Let's face it, not everyone has perfect hair like when we were 16 years old.  If you're like most people, as you age your hair becomes thinner and thinner; and you need help growing and maintaining healthy hair.

 Our proprietary formula encourages hair growth from within - in order to achieve fuller, stronger and more vibrant hair starting at a molecular level.  But we won't bore you with all the technical jargon from our scientists.  Rest assured, we have products for both MEN and WOMEN to help your hair flourish once again.  

We also provide a supplement for men with beards with our Beard Growth Max product to help produce and grow a fuller, thicker beard - especially when used in conjunction with one of our scented Beard Oils.  We recommend taking our Hair Growth Supplement for at least six months, although some people will see results in as little as one month.  Women have shown even greater results when used with our Hair Oil products - 10 scents available.